Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

What’s the Window for Saying, "Thanks"?

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: In your overall opinion, if a small gift and card is mailed to someone, what is the acceptable amount of time to acknowledge the gift?

I have just one sibling, a brother. We get along fine. He’s a very busy person, but I think he can reply sooner than what he thinks. --- WAITING FOR A THANK YOU

DEAR WAITING FOR A THANK YOU: That your brother is busy is not an excuse for his failing to acknowledge your gifts in a timely fashion. It doesn’t take long to shoot someone an email or text, or simply pick up the phone and call ─ at the least.

If you don’t hear from him within a couple weeks of when you think he should have received your gift, I see nothing wrong with asking point blank if the gift has made it to him. That could trigger his responding with not only a confirmation, but thanks.

Also, make sure you’re setting the example of reaching out to him when you receive something he sends you.

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