Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Clubbing Clothes Distract at Work

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I work in a small office with only about 15 people most days. While there isn’t a formal dress code, one of my female coworkers comes in dressed more like she’s heading out for a Saturday night barhop than a Tuesday morning meeting. Almost everyone, including our boss, has said something to her about how she is dressed, but it’s always in a kidding way. No one seems up to telling her how distracting her clothes (or lack of) are, especially to the guys, some of who joke about it behind her back.

How do we make her understand she isn’t doing anyone a favor coming to work dressed like that? --- NOT ENJOYING THE VIEW

DEAR NOT ENJOYING: You all, especially your boss, need to keep in mind that the image this young woman projects is not only distracting to her coworkers and making her the butt of jokes, but if your business has contact with the public, how she appears to outsiders may have even bigger repercussions. And, that no one has yet spoken seriously to her about her style sense may read to her as permission to keep the clubbing look going.

It’s time a company dress code is put in writing and shared with all current and future employees, and that she is told directly by the boss ─ with no joking around ─ that she has to make some appropriate adjustments to her weekday wardrobe.

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