Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Wedding Registry Too Rich for Guest’s Wallet

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: A good buddy’s sister is getting married and I have been told I will be invited to the wedding. I have known her since my friend and I were in middle school and I know she has always been a bit of a princess. I checked out her registry and I do not see anything in it that is easily in my budget. Is there anything wrong with ignoring the registry and getting them something else? --- NOT MADE OF MONEY

DEAR NOT: No, there’s nothing wrong with gifting off the registry. Since the bride is someone you’ve known for a long time you can capitalize on that knowledge and give the couple something that dovetails with their interests or personalities. If they’re into camping or hiking (even princesses can love the great outdoors!), get them a gift card from a sporting goods supplier. If they’re big on movies, go Fandango. Hit the bars every weekend? Think Uber or Lyft.

Of course, there’s always the cash or prepaid credit gift card route, which allows you to spend within your comfort level and them the freedom to put it towards whatever they need or want.

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