Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Should Roomie Spill the Beans on Cheater?

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I share a house with a friend from my hometown. After we finished college, we both got jobs in a city about 60 miles from where we grew up. He has been seeing a girl since high school and he tells me all the time how great she is and that he loves her, but that he is not ready to settle down with her, or anyone. In the past couple months he has been talking to two other girls in the area. His girlfriend doesn’t know he is cheating on her and it makes me feel bad knowing what is going on when she isn’t around. Do I tell her about the other girls? --- KNOWS TOO MUCH

DEAR KNOWS: It’s rarely a good idea to spill someone else’s secrets, especially if you’re not sure about the parameters your roommate and his hometown girl have in place.

If, however, you know that the extracurricular activity is only on his side, you should encourage him to fess up to his long-time girlfriend that he’s not ready to be as serious as she is. Then it becomes her informed decision to stay with him or not.

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