Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Young Wife Suffers from Hubby's Holiday Decorating Overload

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Last year was my first married Christmas. My husband followed in his mother’s footsteps and went nuts with decorating our house inside and out. I thought it looked terrible and he thought it was a work of art.

I do not want to completely burst his bubble, but I also do not want to live in Santa Land. Is there a nice way of telling him too much is too much? --- BURIED IN TINSEL

DEAR BURIED IN TINSEL: The upside to your problem is that you married someone who gets into the holiday spirit. It sounds like he inherited his mother’s enthusiasm and wants to continue the traditions he grew up with.

While I understand your frustration, rather than give into it, consider putting up with your husband’s decorating overload as the first gift of Christmas this year. In Christmas Future, consider persuading him to let you work alongside him so you can infuse some of your ideas of how the holidays should look.

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