Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Holiday Wishes

DEAR READERS: Most of us seem to go through the majority of November and December rushing around, overspending, overstressing, and overdoing. My own experience is that just when I’m ready to relax and enjoy the holidays, they’re all over.

Please take time this holiday season, no matter what your personal beliefs and traditions, to savor the moments you get to have with those you most love ─ and even with those you just kind-of like.

We get eight days of Hanukkah, seven days of Kwanzaa, and 12 days of Christmas (with the Epiphany bonus). Take advantage of these precious days, and if you’re in a good place, please reach out to someone who may be hurting. Let them know they’re not alone. And, if you yourself are in a bad place, believe there are people who care for and about you, and that you’ve got plenty to offer now and in the future.

To all my readers and commenters, best wishes for a good Christmas. --- ASK SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM

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