Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Finding New Traditions After Losing Old Ones

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: This is the first year without my father around, and he was always the driving force of all the family’s holiday celebrations. My mom died a few years ago, so he really kicked things up after that. My siblings and I all live not far from the home where we grew up, and now that it’s been sold, no one is exactly volunteering to take over hosting like our parents did. Honestly, I just feel like getting out of town, but I feel weird and a little guilty about that. Should I? --- LOST FOR THE HOLIDAYS

DEAR LOST FOR THE HOLIDAYS: I’m sorry for your loss, and understand how such changes in the family translate to changes in traditions. That’s why I think it’s absolutely fine for you to begin making new traditions of your own, and if doing a little travelling is something you believe you would enjoy, then go for it.

Depending on their situations, you might even consider sharing your plans with your siblings to see if any of them might want to join you in your destination holiday.

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