Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

When Working with a Friend Is Not Working Out

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My friend and neighbor from down the street started her own on-line mail order business a couple years ago. When it began taking-off, she first asked if I could help her out by watching her kids a few hours a week. After that, she asked me if I wanted to start working with her, which seemed like a good idea since I was only working part time at a local nursing home. Being with my friend originally meant easier hours and we found our toddlers made their own playgroup while we got some work done.

For the last few months, her business has grown so much that we are working more than fulltime hours and it is just becoming exhausting. It is turning out it was easier doing a couple overnight shifts a week at the nursing home. Even though the money was not as good, I actually had more family time.

How do I tell my friend I want to quit so I have more time with my family? --- WANTS OUT

DEAR WANTS OUT: Maybe you don’t need to quit. It sounds like it’s time your friend began looking for more paid help. Let her know how you’re feeling and that ─ provided this is the case ─ you’d be willing to split your hours with someone else interested in working part time. That way you’d still enjoy the benefits of an income with built-in childcare and more regular hours than you put in at a 24/7 healthcare center.

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