Ask Natalie by Natalie Bencivenga

Get Off That Phone at Wedding

DEAR NATALIE: Is it wrong to have your phone out taking video or photos during someone's wedding ceremony? I have been attending a lot of weddings this season and have noticed how many people have their phones out while the couple are exchanging vows. Not everyone is taking photos of them, either. I swear some are just texting. Am I completely out of my mind to think this is very rude? -- AIRPLANE MODE

DEAR AIRPLANE MODE: Call me old-fashioned, but regardless of where a ceremony takes place, whether in a place of worship or a fabulous hotel or outside under a beautiful tree, it is a sacred moment. You are there to bear witness to two people pledging their love and lives to one another, and no one needs to be on Snapchat. The focus should be on the couple. 

Most weddings have a photographer in some capacity, so leave it to the professionals. After the ceremonial kiss, I think it is OK to take a photo or two of the happy couple as they walk down the aisle. Beyond that? Put the phone away. Seriously. Can we just spend a moment being present and not worrying about Pokemon Go for five minutes?

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(This column was originally published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.)