Ask Natalie by Natalie Bencivenga

Is Your Single Friend Wedding Obsessed?

DEAR NATALIE: Is it weird that my best friend is wedding obsessed? She only talks about planning her wedding. She wants to go try on bridal dresses. She wants to go ring shopping -- but the weirdest part? She is SINGLE! She is 28, single and hasn't had a long-term relationship in a few years. Her delusional attitude is turning off a lot of my friends, and I am finding it really awkward being around her. What do I do? Should I say something to her? She is starting to weird me out. Plus, the last guy she dated was so creeped out by her he dumped her, like, after date three. -- WEDDING OBSESSED

DEAR WEDDING OBSESSED: Yikes, sounds like your friend really could use a bride intervention. There are women out there who are obsessed with not necessarily marriage but instead the concept of the fat and fabulous wedding. Well, many of these women find themselves disappointed by the result, their fairy-tale wedding never living up to their expectations, the man never living up to their ideal Prince Charming, their life not changing in the way that they thought it would, and they end up feeling miserable. So, what's a girl to do in your situation? Sometimes, you have to hold up that mirror. The next time she suggests poring over wedding mags together or dress shopping for a dream wedding, get real with her. Gently, start off by saying that while you love beautiful dresses as much as the next person, you find it a little bizarre that she is focused on a wedding when she isn't dating anyone. Instead, maybe the two of you can try a hobby together that is not wedding related, like yoga or a cooking class or something that you know she enjoys doing. Redirect her to things that build up her self-esteem, that aren't tied to dating and that get her to think about who she is as a person, not as half of a duo sitting on top of a cake. 

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(This column was originally published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.)