Ask Natalie by Natalie Bencivenga

Weighty Remark Stuns Mom To Be

DEAR NATALIE: While at a party recently, I had an acquaintance say to me: "My ... you are getting really chunky. I hope it's just the baby!" Really??? How would you react if someone said this to you while six months pregnant? I was astounded and taken aback. What should I have said? -- Mommy To Be

DEAR MOMMY TO BE: In my fantasy life I would want to say something like, "I'm eating for two ... what's your excuse?" But, in reality, we all know that taking the high road is the better decision. Ha, who am I kidding? I would totally have called this person out on being a rude, thoughtless jerk. I would have retorted: "You are yet another example of how women's bodies are policed in our culture and in every situation. I'm literally creating a life, which is the most important job on this planet and is too often degraded and diminished by thoughtless and insensitive comments from people like you. Now would you please excuse me, I have a gallon of ice cream to eat." #Next. 

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(This column was originally published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.)