Ask Natalie by Natalie Bencivenga

Leave That Crown at Home

DEAR NATALIE: I will be attending a summer wedding in July. I am enthralled with royalty and just love the way Duchess Catherine looks with her many tiaras. I recently purchased a tiara. It is not cheap, but then again it does not need to go in a vault! I would like to get my hair done and wear it to the wedding. But my friends say no, as it would show up the bride. I have no idea (and will not know until the day of the wedding) how the bride is wearing her hair or what kind of hairpiece she will be wearing. I am not in the wedding party, these are not close friends, and I will probably be sitting at a table by the kitchen. Would it be wrong of me to wear my tiara? Is that showing up the bride? -- LADY IN WAITING

DEAR LADY IN WAITING: As much as you may love the idea of looking like a duchess for the day, even Catherine would not wear her tiara to someone else's wedding. Why? It's tacky. It doesn't matter where you sit or how well you know the bride. It isn't proper to wear white to someone else's wedding, and a tiara falls into the same category. 

This event is about a celebration of two people's love and commitment to each other, and as much as you may want to wear a tiara, this just isn't the right time or place. Save your crown for another day and allow the bride to be the star of this show. 

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(This column was originally published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.)