Andrews McMeel Almanac by the Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication

Andrews Mc Meel Almanac For November 26, 2020


Today is the 331st day of 2020 and the 66th day of autumn.

TODAY'S HISTORY: In 1789, the United States observed a day of Thanksgiving declared by George Washington in celebration of the new Constitution.

In 1922, Egyptologist Howard Carter became the first person to enter Tutankhamen's tomb in 3,000 years.

In 1992, it was announced that the Queen of England would begin paying income taxes, the first time a British monarch would do so since the 1930s.

In 2000, nearly three weeks after Election Day, Florida's presidential election results were certified in favor of George W. Bush.

TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Mary Edwards Walker (1832-1919), physician/activist; Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000), cartoonist; Robert Goulet (1933-2007), singer/actor; Rich Little (1938- ), actor/comedian; Tina Turner (1939- ), singer/actress; Dale Jarrett (1956- ), race car driver; Scott Adsit (1965- ), actor; Peter Facinelli (1973- ), actor; DJ Khaled (1975- ), rapper/producer; Natasha Bedingfield (1981- ), singer.

TODAY'S FACT: To preserve the length of the holiday shopping season, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed legislation in December 1941 that decreed Thanksgiving would always fall on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving had been celebrated on the last Thursday of November, which in some years was the fifth, since 1863.

TODAY'S SPORTS: In 1917, the National Hockey League was founded in Montreal.

TODAY'S QUOTE: "Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate." -- Charles M. Schulz

TODAY'S NUMBER: 537 -- number of votes by which George W. Bush secured victory in Florida in 2000.

TODAY'S MOON: Between first quarter moon (Nov. 21) and full moon (Nov. 30).