The Village Idiot

The Village Idiot by Jim Mullen

February 24, 2017

Locks of Luck

You’ve all seen the pictures, you’ve all read the stories about that bridge in Paris -- the one where lovers would clamp padlocks... continue

February 17, 2017

I Want to Pump You Up

I jumped about two feet in the air when the gas pump at the Gas and Go Away started talking to me. I mean, there are people who... continue

February 10, 2017

Storm of the Century

“Snow! There’s a slight chance of snow tomorrow!” There’s a look of panic on the weatherman’s face. It’s as if he were announcing... continue

February 03, 2017

Pet Food for Thought

At the big box store, I’m standing in front of a giant, glass-doored refrigerator full of beautifully packaged non-GMO chicken,... continue

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