Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story by Amy Friedman and Meredith Johnson

August 31, 2014

The Frog Who Was a Fool (A Mongolian Folktale)

Once upon a time, a little frog lived all alone in a well in a tiny village in Mongolia. He had just one good eye, but this did not bother him. He loved his well. He loved the water. He loved the sunshine and the storms and everything about the world he inhabited. But sometimes he wished he had a friend. ... continue

August 24, 2014

The Wild Onion Wives (A Monache Indian Legend)

Long ago, when the world was nearly new, six families lived at the edge of a village, and each day the husbands set out into the forests to hunt. While they were gone, the wives went out in search of herbs to prepare the meat. One day, as the wives were digging in the Earth, they discovered a plant they... continue

August 17, 2014

The Magic Frog (An Italian Tale)

Once upon a time, a woman had three sons. She was a peasant, but the land she worked was rich and fruitful. Hoping her sons would find fine wives to help with the land, she devised a plan. "If you are to find good wives, they must know how to work," she told her sons. "Take these skeins of... continue

August 10, 2014

Yerba Mate and the Moon (A Patagonian Legend)

Once upon a time long ago, as the moon danced through the sky, she studied the Earth down below. She stared longingly at the lush trees, wide fields, dense jungles and flowing seas, and she wished she could visit such a place. One evening, she decided she must visit, so she called to her friends.... continue

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