Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story by Amy Friedman and Meredith Johnson

February 01, 2015

How to Capture the Moon (A Polish Tale)

Once upon a time in Chelm, a village in Poland not far from Lublin, there lived some of the wisest fools this world has ever known. The people of Chelm often did silly things, but they agreed that everything they did came from the heart. The people of Chelm loved each other, and they loved their town. The... continue

January 25, 2015

Goldilocks Eats Grits (A Fairytale)

Long, long ago, in a deep pine forest in southern Georgia, three black bears lived in a hollow tree. One day Papa Bear was out wandering and came upon a crevice in the rocks. He peered inside and saw a cave so spacious and comfortable, he moved his wife and son in, and there they set up house. This was... continue

January 18, 2015

The Story of Salt (A Chinese Folktale)

One of the celestial creatures that created the world, along with the unicorn, the tortoise and the dragon, is the emperor of birds, known as Feng Huang. After the creation of the world, the heavens were divided into four quadrants, one for each of these four creatures. Feng Huang ruled over the southern... continue

January 11, 2015

Anansi's Eight Skinny Legs (A West African Folktale)

Once upon a time, Anansi the spider was walking along the road on his eight short, stubby legs. That's right -- there was a time when Anansi's legs were not long and skinny. You're probably wondering how they got that way, so I'll tell you the tale. It was a wintry day, and there was... continue

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