Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story by Amy Friedman and Meredith Johnson

September 21, 2014

The Traveling Sacks of Rice (A Korean Folktale)

Long ago, there lived a widow with her two sons, Bae and Young-Soo. The family lived in a valley known for its lush rice paddies. For many years, the brothers had helped their father work the fields, and when he died, they took over the farm. The brothers looked after their mother together. As the years... continue

September 14, 2014

The Monkey's Fiddle (A South African Tale)

Once upon a time, the land was devastated by drought, and even insects and beans disappeared. Monkey traveled to another part of the country where his Great Uncle Orangutan lived. His uncle offered him shelter and work, but after he had stayed a while, Monkey became homesick. "I must go home,"... continue

September 07, 2014

The Way to Serve (A Jewish Tale)

Once upon a time, a merchant from Jerusalem traveled to a faraway city to do business. He stayed in the home of a man named Hassan, and while he was there, he fell ill. The merchant realized he was going to die. He called Hassan to his room and said, "I am giving you all my possessions. My son will... continue

August 31, 2014

The Frog Who Was a Fool (A Mongolian Folktale)

Once upon a time, a little frog lived all alone in a well in a tiny village in Mongolia. He had just one good eye, but this did not bother him. He loved his well. He loved the water. He loved the sunshine and the storms and everything about the world he inhabited. But sometimes he wished he had a friend. ... continue

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