Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story by Amy Friedman and Meredith Johnson

July 27, 2014

Enlightenment Beneath the Banyan Tree (An Indian Tale)

Once upon a time, at the foot of the towering Himalayan Mountains, a little banyan tree was planted, and as the years passed, that tree grew and grew. Three unlikely friends lived near that tree. There was a monkey, an elephant and a quail. They lived so close that they came to know one another well, and because each... continue

July 20, 2014

Kua Fu Chases the Sun (A Chinese Folktale)

Long, long ago, in a time when the world was desolate and empty, filled with vipers and beasts, there lived a giant known as Kua Fu. Kua Fu lived on a mountain called Heaven Pillar in the northern wilderness. He was so enormous that, with a single stride, he could cross hundreds of miles. Kua Fu led a group of mighty... continue

July 13, 2014

The Sorrow of the Springs (A Brazilian Folktale)

Long ago, a beautiful giantess lived in the Great River. The Moon Giant loved her, so he constructed a palace at the spot where the Great River runs into the sea. He built it of mother-of-pearl and precious stones. When the Giantess of the Great River saw the palace, she fell in love with it and the Moon Giant. ... continue

July 06, 2014

The Summer Fairies (An Algonquin Indian Legend)

Long ago, the forests and meadows of this land were filled with light and dense with fairies. Those fairies danced through the grasses and hid among the trees, happy to be surrounded by warmth and sunshine. The queen of the fairies was Summer. Wherever the queen's fairies' feet touched earth, flowers bloomed.... continue

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