Smart Moves

Smart Moves by Ellen James Martin

September 24, 2014

Tips for the Serial Mover

Michael Connerly had a happy childhood, except for one thing. Every two to three years, his parents got an itch to move. And every time the family changed houses, he and his three siblings endured the discomfort of being the "new kids" at school. "For my folks, it was almost like a magnetic... continue

September 17, 2014

Leaving the Empty Nest Behind

With her children just off to college, a widow in her early 50s tackled a tough question. Should she keep the big family house with high mortgage payments that symbolized security and comfort for her kids? Or should she sell to cut expenses and pursue the dream of leaving her corporate job for interior design school? ... continue

September 10, 2014

Keeping It Clean for the Long-Term

Every real estate agent has stories about late-night calls from clients who "just can't take it anymore." They're stressed out by the constant need to keep their property in showcase condition until it sells. That means not a single toy on the floor, dish in the sink or wrinkle on a bedroom comforter. ... continue

September 03, 2014

Selling on Lots Big and Small

James Hughes is one of a cohort of Americans who still loves owning a large plot of land, no matter how long a commute it imposes. He lives on a 13-acre parcel a full hour's drive from his office. "Some people just like the sanctuary feel of lots of land," says Hughes, a real estate expert and... continue

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