Smart Moves

Smart Moves by Ellen James Martin

October 29, 2014

Pointers for Downsizing Retirees

After a long foreign-service career and early retirement, a couple in their late 50s decided to leave their sprawling 5,000-square-foot suburban home for a 3,500-square-foot place in a resort town an hour's drive away. The couple envisioned the resort house, with its five bedrooms, as a mecca for their... continue

October 22, 2014

The Upside to Downsizing

The latest recession is over, at least according to statistics from the Federal Reserve. Yet many people are still feeling the fallout. Some who for several years have met their mortgage payments by dipping into savings are finally facing the harsh reality that they can't hang onto an expensive property much... continue

October 15, 2014

Trading Up Without Crapping Out

While the real estate market traditionally slows in the fall and winter, that doesn't stop diehard buyers who aspire to a property that's newer, larger or simply more to their liking. Take the true story of a couple in their early 60s, a travel agent married to a government consultant, who sold their... continue

October 08, 2014

Tips for Home-Buying Families on a Budget

A couple in their early 30s -- an elevator company salesman married to a nurse -- had for five years relished life in a up-and-coming city neighborhood with lots of good restaurants and bars nearby. But after their first child was born, their priorities shifted. "Like a lot of young homebuyers, their... continue

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