Smart Moves

Smart Moves by Ellen James Martin

January 28, 2015

Tips for Homebuying Grandparents

Many retirees aspire to ownership of a place with easy maintenance, where arduous chores like cutting the lawn and keeping up the garden will no longer be issues. But at the same time they want a home where the extended family will wish to visit often. With frequent contact, grandparents can play vitally... continue

January 21, 2015

Buying a Home for the Very First Time

As the velocity of home sale increases, the real estate industry is watching one indicator closely: the number of first-time homebuyers in the mix. "For far too many young people, it's been more of a renters' market than a buyers' market for many years," says Chris Polychron, president... continue

January 14, 2015

Homebuyers: How to Avoid a Long Commute

As the economy improves and gas prices fall, more homebuyers are pondering the purchase of a new house in a distant suburb where they can get more square footage for the money. But a leading expert on commuting warns of worse commutes ahead. "The unfortunate reality is that traffic congestion gets worse... continue

January 07, 2015

Financial Trade-Offs for Buyers in Their 5os

Were you born in the 1960s, at the tail end of the baby boom? Then maybe you're like many in your age group who are trying to juggle multiple financial goals simultaneously. Perhaps you're seeking to buy a more commodious house while also grappling with the challenge of funding your... continue

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