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December 14, 2014

Living Larger, but Avoiding Ruin

"I'll have a great retirement -- provided I die by Friday." For those who have little or no savings, that grim witticism pretty much sums it up. For the rest of us, retirement spending is a delicate dance. Uncertainties here (What kind of return will I get on my savings? Will inflation be... continue

December 04, 2014

If You're in the Thrift Savings Plan, Stay in It

Q: My question deals with transfers from the government's Thrift Savings Plan (or TSP) into other investments. The TSP seems to provide a no-lose investment strategy for retirement saving, with its conservative selections such as government bonds with guaranteed principal protection and seemingly low-cost... continue

November 30, 2014

A Home-Based Investment That Works for Many

The first home I bought cost far more than I could afford. Worse, it needed renovation from top to bottom. In spite of that, owning it was a comfortable experience. The monthly expense of living there was stable for the 20 years it was home. How could that be possible? Simple. It was a lovely... continue

November 27, 2014

If You Retire Later, You Can Withdraw More

Q: For many years you have suggested retirees can safely withdraw at a 4 percent rate from their savings. Many others make the same suggestion. But at what age do these withdrawals begin? And if you start at 70 or 75 instead of 60 or 65, can you withdraw more? -- A.R., Dallas A: The 4 percent safe withdrawal... continue

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