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April 24, 2014

Taxation of Benefits Changes How People Feel About Delay

Q: I have concerns about Social Security and my income taxes. Many people support these two ideas: -- Delay taking Social Security until you are 70 if at all possible. -- Let your 401(k) grow tax-free as long as possible if you have other funds you can tap. So here is my question: By... continue

April 20, 2014

Do You Own the Right Amount of Home?

Most Americans own more home than they can afford. If it isn't more home than they can afford today, it certainly will be more than they can afford tomorrow. The litmus test for this is a single question: Will your financial assets be greater than the value of your home when you retire? For most Americans... continue

April 17, 2014

Don't Let This Gift Horse Bite You

Q: I have been offered a $318,000 settlement from my ex-employer. The money is from a retirement profit sharing plan that has been frozen. I now receive a monthly check of about $2,300 a month. It was supposed to be for the life of both my wife and me. The surviving spouse would continue to receive the benefit, but... continue

April 13, 2014

Making Home Sweet Again

ISLAMORADA, Fla. -- From the bayside, it's hard to believe that the channel for the Snake River cut actually exists. Until you're right up on the marker, it appears to be a jungle of mangrove trees. But once in the channel, you see a new vista: On the north side there are at least a half-dozen,... continue

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