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July 20, 2014

The Cost Map to Your 401(k) Plan

Is your 401(k) plan wildly expensive, average, or wickedly efficient and inexpensive? You probably don't know. Your employer may not, either -- particularly if you work for a small company. Sadly, while the laws have changed to require expense disclosures, the information provided is often... continue

July 17, 2014

Reverse Mortgages Are Becoming a Sensible Planning Tool

Q: I am receiving numerous sales calls for reverse mortgages from many sources. Please tell me about the downside to this program, if there is one. -- W.W., Austin, Texas A: Historically, reverse mortgages have had two major drawbacks. First, they were relatively expensive in closing costs,... continue

July 13, 2014

The Amazing Arithmetic of Home Ownership

A lot of people are down on home ownership these days, some for good reason. -- Young people with student debt can't be enthusiastic because it's too painful. Their debt takes them out as homebuyers. -- Those who overreached during the bubble are still recovering. At best, they are a long... continue

July 10, 2014

Low Expenses at Brokerage Firms Are Possible

Q. I'm 71 years old and retired. I have two IRA accounts. One is with Vanguard and has about 24 percent of my total retirement money in it. The other is with a large brokerage firm. It has about 13 percent of my money in it. Vanguard has very low costs. The other brokerage firm charges me 1.35 percent a year to hold... continue

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