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October 02, 2014

How to Introduce Your Asset Manager to Account-Loss Risk

Q: What are the mechanics of changing to a discount brokerage firm? Who are some of the major discount players besides Fidelity? My IRA is handled by an investment firm in Austin. Recently, they advised me that their management fee was going to 1.35 percent. The amount didn't register with me until I got... continue

September 28, 2014

How to Overcome Fear of Required Distributions

EDITORS: The chart referred to in the column below is available on our server with a filename of sb140928_chart.pdf. You can also get an email of the chart by contacting Patty Adams at Things change. Ten years ago, the most common reader question about IRA accounts was this: "How... continue

September 25, 2014

You Can't Take 8 Percent From an Average Return of 8 Percent

Q: You often say people approaching retirement should plan on taking no more than 4 percent of their investment fund per year in retirement. Many others say the same. Otherwise, they'll run out of money. But if my investments average about 8 percent a year, why can't I plan on taking about 8 percent a year of my... continue

September 21, 2014

When Fees Cost More Than Taxes

If the federal income tax did not exist, the insurance industry would beg to bring it back. I'm not kidding. Nothing sells financial products better than avoiding or deferring taxes. And it happens that the insurance industry has a lock on tax deferral through annuity contracts. Yes, it's... continue

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