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November 20, 2014

Paying Off Debt Can Simplify Your Life

Q: My wife is 65 and I am 66. We just received $90,000 from the sale of a second home. Which is a wiser choice: to pay down our primary residence mortgage with a balance of $136,000, or invest it in our Vanguard accounts? The mortgage has an interest rate of 2.65 percent. Second question: We have some money... continue

November 16, 2014

Beating the Index

LOS ANGELES -- A guard, in suit and tie, asks me to pop the trunk of my rental car. Then I can enter the underground parking lot of a tall building in downtown LA. Upstairs, another guard confirms my appointment. Soon I am admitted to the elevator banks that will take me to the 53rd floor. This is the headquarters of... continue

November 13, 2014

The Basics of Medicare and Medigap

Q: I was doing some personal retirement planning the other day, and I was wondering how much out-of-pocket do Medicare beneficiaries typically spend? It would be nice to know average costs that do not include insurance premiums. This could help me decide if buying a Medicare supplement insurance policy or a Medicare... continue

November 09, 2014

Still Retiring Too Early, Revisited

Has work really become that miserable and unpleasant for so many people? The question came to mind as I read reader responses to a recent column. In it, I asked if we were still quitting at the wrong time -- too early. I argued that our increasing longevity suggested we should work longer. Readers... continue

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