Pet Connection

Pet Connection by Dr. Marty Becker, Kim Campbell Thornton and Mikkel Becker

April 25, 2016

Mystery Animals

Their keen senses, curiosity and observational skills make dogs and cats perfect partners in the fictional pursuit of crime By Kim... continue

April 18, 2016

Heartworm Hazards

What you don't know about heartworm disease can hurt your dog or cat By Kim Campbell Thornton You've probably seen a dusty jar of... continue

April 11, 2016

Fat Cats

Feline obesity is out of control. Here's how to get your cat back on track to a healthy figure By Kim Campbell Thornton When we at... continue

April 04, 2016

Draft Dogs

Pulling a cart or wagon is bred in the bone for some breeds, but almost any dog can learn By Kim Campbell Thornton You've probably... continue

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