News of the Weird

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

November 23, 2014

Week of November 23, 2014

LEAD STORY -- Weird Patriotism November is tax-publicizing season in Finland, where, starkly unlike America, the government releases all individuals' tax records to help build public support for the country's vast welfare state. Thus, reported Foreign Policy magazine, Finnish... continue

November 16, 2014

Week of November 16, 2014

LEAD STORY -- The Other World Series In October, another premier world sports event reached its climax, with one team left standing, rewarded for months of grueling practices, to the cheers of adoring, frenzied fans. The "world series" of professional team computer games was... continue

November 09, 2014

Week of Nov. 9, 2014

LEAD STORY -- BABY BEAUTY Amanda Collins, 28, took "beauty pageant mom" to the next level (down) earlier this year when she entered her daughter Luna in Britain's UK Princess and Prince International -- based entirely on Luna's ultrasound scan at age 20 weeks. Said Collins,... continue

November 02, 2014

Week of November 2, 2014

Lead Story -- Funding the Revolution Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks publisher of state secrets who remains holed up in the embassy of Ecuador in London, has signed on with an Icelandic licensing agent to sell Assange-branded high-end clothing, shoes and various household goods in India and... continue

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