News of the Weird

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

August 17, 2014

Week of August 17, 2104

LEAD STORY -- Think Your Own Last Flight Was Unpleasant? (1) The May 28 US Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia had to be diverted to Kansas City after a passenger's service dog did what dogs do, in the aisle, twice (an hour apart). One passenger used the terms "lingering... continue

August 10, 2014

Week of August 10, 2014

LEAD STORY -- Perspective Jeff Mizanskey, 61, is a poster child for one well- known criticism of mandatory-minimum sentencing laws -- that nonviolent marijuana users (and small-time sellers) may wind up doing decades of hard time and in fact more time than some sociopathic offenders serve... continue

August 03, 2014

Week of August 3, 2014

LEAD STORY -- Cat Nanny Facial recognition software, increasingly important to global anti-terrorism operations, is being brought to ... cats. Taiwanese developer Mu-Chi Sung announced in July plans for marketing the software as part of a cat health device so that owners, especially those... continue

July 27, 2014

Week of July 27, 2014

LEAD STORY -- Modern Warfare The leader of the devout Sunni jihadist group Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, making a rare, solemn appearance in July, wore a flashy silver wristwatch that various video analysts described as either a Rolex or an Omega Seafarer or a feature-laden Saudi... continue

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