News of the Weird

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

August 24, 2014

Week of August 24, 2014

LEAD STORY -- It's Facebook's World Now (1) Up-and-coming Sicilian mobster Domenico Palazzotto, 28, was outed in August by Italy's L'Espresso magazine as the owner of an ineffectively pseudonymous Facebook page showing off his muscled, bare-chested body and perhaps recruiting... continue

August 17, 2014

Week of August 17, 2104

LEAD STORY -- Think Your Own Last Flight Was Unpleasant? (1) The May 28 US Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia had to be diverted to Kansas City after a passenger's service dog did what dogs do, in the aisle, twice (an hour apart). One passenger used the terms "lingering... continue

August 10, 2014

Week of August 10, 2014

LEAD STORY -- Perspective Jeff Mizanskey, 61, is a poster child for one well- known criticism of mandatory-minimum sentencing laws -- that nonviolent marijuana users (and small-time sellers) may wind up doing decades of hard time and in fact more time than some sociopathic offenders serve... continue

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