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January 25, 2015

The Two Problems With Obama's Maternity Leave Comment

During his State of the Union Address on Jan. 20, President Obama briefly brought up the need for "paid maternity leave," a move that wasn't a surprise to anyone who saw his recent announcement that federal employees would receive paid parental leave. "There is a notable gap in federal benefits, and... continue

January 24, 2015

A Different Take on Uber

Whenever Uber makes a particular claim, journalists rush to disprove it. Sometimes these claims are laughable, like when Uber said its drivers can make $90,000 a year. But others are harder to disprove. Are Uber's drivers, for instance, as happy as the company claims? On Jan. 22, the company released new data... continue

January 23, 2015

Bush V. Romney: The Breakdown

The doctrine of mutually assured destruction proposes an incredibly high-stakes test of the power of deterrence. In the Cold War, deterrence prevailed. The coming Republican presidential primary is a decidedly lower-stakes affair, but it, too, may pit two political superpowers against each other in a contest where... continue

January 18, 2015

Veterans, Ptsd and Death Row

On the night of Jan. 13, Georgia executed Vietnam War veteran Andrew Brannan for murdering Sheriff Deputy Kyle Dinkheller in January 1998. The dashboard camera in Dinkheller's patrol vehicle captured their confrontation: Dinkheller pulled Brannan over for speeding, and Brannan's reaction escalated... continue

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