National Perspective

National Perspective by David Shribman

December 13, 2014

Not All Is Calm

The election was only six weeks ago, and New Year's Day is less than three weeks away. This is supposed to be a quiet time, filled with holiday gatherings, family meals, festive songs and a carol with the word "silent" in its title. Not this year. No one can say all is calm, all is bright. ... continue

December 06, 2014

History Comes in All Sizes

The most contentious historical question in the country is not a dispute over whether the United States is at heart a revolutionary or conservative force in world affairs, nor a conflict over how deep was Abraham Lincoln's devotion to the anti-slavery cause, nor even a battle over the origins of the Cold... continue

November 29, 2014

The Colors of Politics

NORTH CONWAY, N.H. -- In autumn, the faraway hills here are so ablaze with color -- shimmering reds, deep oranges -- that no single hue or tint stands out. But in winter, the North Country becomes a portrait in black and white, and this November, the contrasts already seem to have sharpened. So it... continue

November 22, 2014

Whom Do We Thank for Thanksgiving?

In a nation with fewer and fewer shared experiences, one remains resilient, rich and redolent of memory. Thanksgiving is our most beloved American holiday, and its story -- about grace and gratitude, played out on a wilderness tableau of brotherhood -- is a venerated part of our national narrative. ... continue

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