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National Perspective by David Shribman

November 22, 2014

Whom Do We Thank for Thanksgiving?

In a nation with fewer and fewer shared experiences, one remains resilient, rich and redolent of memory. Thanksgiving is our most beloved American holiday, and its story -- about grace and gratitude, played out on a wilderness tableau of brotherhood -- is a venerated part of our national narrative. ... continue

November 15, 2014

New Rules Favor GOP Moderates

LEBANON, N.H. -- Can you discern, deep in the new Republican Party -- amid the conservative warriors and tea-infused crusaders -- a faint moderate heartbeat? Hardly anyone is asking that question this month, in the wake of the Republican tsunami that swept Democrats out of office and swept a... continue

November 08, 2014

The Fall of the Wall

BERLIN -- Today a Starbucks coffee house sits a few steps from the Brandenburg Gate. A quarter-century ago the baristas would be standing in the Soviet Bloc. Today well-dressed tourists sip sparkling water in the Hotel Adlon. Three decades ago the original hotel building was used to house East German... continue

November 01, 2014

The More Things Change

Tuesday's elections are important -- to the Congress, to the president, to the 2016 aspirants for the White House, to the country. They'll create the political climate for the last two years of the Obama administration, set the table for the next presidential election and determine whether the 114th... continue

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