National Perspective

National Perspective by David Shribman

October 25, 2014

Two Visions Destined to Collide

PITTSBURGH -- One saw an America on the rise, the other saw an America in peril. One saw government as a vital tool to smooth away the roughness of life and assure widespread freedom, the other saw government as an intrusion in the natural order of life and the enemy of freedom. One spoke of a reverie, the... continue

October 18, 2014

Small-Town Heroes

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October 11, 2014

The Muddled Midterms of 2014

WATERVILLE, Maine -- With three weeks remaining before the critical midterm congressional elections, the character of American politics for the next two years and for the presidential campaign that will begin in earnest next month is unusually uncertain. In fact, the contours of our national civic life are more... continue

October 04, 2014

California Dreamin'

SAN FRANCISCO -- California still produces 90 percent of the country's avocados, 91 percent of its grapes and 92 percent of its plums and prunes. Four out of five almonds produced on Earth are grown here. But the growth that made California a cultural leader as well as an agricultural leader is over. ... continue

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