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National Perspective by David Shribman

August 16, 2014

Where Is the GOP Heir Apparent?

The party of the next guy has no next guy. For more than two generations, the Republican presidential nominating process has had an immutable internal logic to it: The next guy in line gets the nomination. That's how every Republican president of the post-Eisenhower era has won his party's... continue

August 09, 2014

As New Cold War Threatens, Berlin Reminds Us What We Stand For

BERLIN -- For more than a half-century this was a capital in moral isolation -- and the capital of moral isolation. Throughout the reign of Adolf Hitler, Berlin warped the physics of Europe. It was at the center of Europe geographically, but utterly isolated morally. With the exception of a few... continue

August 02, 2014

Nixon Shall Live in Infamy

Richard Nixon no longer walks among us, having departed this earth a full two decades ago. But the ghost of the enigmatic figure who 40 years ago this week resigned the presidency -- a position described by Franklin Roosevelt, still the man against which all subsequent presidents are measured, as... continue

July 26, 2014

Salem's Secret Treasure, Hidden Even From the Locals

SALEM, Mass. -- For four generations, members of my family have walked through the doors of the Hawthorne Hotel here on Washington Square, attending meetings of Rotary or the Chamber of Commerce, stepping downstairs into the basement for teen parties, mingling in the lobby after Thanksgiving morning 5K races... continue

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