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July 28, 2014

How to Overcome the Jitters and Not Choke

I recently came across a graduation speech by the valedictorian of a university law school. He began his remarks by acknowledging that he had difficulty deciding what "wisdom" to impart to his fellow graduates. He said he had consulted several quotation books and speaker's guides, but had come away... continue

July 21, 2014

Street-Smart Ideas No. 3

A couple years ago, I wrote two columns on street smarts that really resonated with readers. They asked for more! Drawing on what I've learned over many decades in business, I just barely scratched the surface. These are little nuggets that you probably won't learn from a book in school, but they... continue

July 14, 2014

Life: It's Something to Celebrate

In July of last year, I was in Israel being briefed in-depth by the cream of Israel's intelligence community and the entrepreneurial barons of its imposing high-tech establishment. The American-Israeli expert who arranged my visit and energetically accompanied me was my close friend Gordy Zacks, who was 80 years... continue

July 07, 2014

Abcs of Public Speaking

It's been said there are two times in life when you are truly alone: just before you die and just before you deliver a five-minute speech. Stage fright can be terrifying, but it needn't be paralyzing. Delivering over a thousand speeches teaches a person a thing or two about getting through to the... continue

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