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October 27, 2014

Pressure Can Be an Opportunity to Excel

Pressure. The very word strikes fear into many people. Winners thrive on pressure, while losers fear it. What is pressure? My definition of pressure is when you absolutely have to do something you are not prepared to do. If you have to kick a field goal to win a big football game and you aren't... continue

October 20, 2014

Discover Your Values for a Greater Life

One of the most important traits of any person is the value system by which he or she lives. I wonder how many of us ever take the time to sit down and really think through the moral precepts that consciously or unconsciously guide our lives. I stumbled across this personal creed of 12 values -- often... continue

October 13, 2014

Focus Is a Must, on and Off the Links

I love golf -- both playing and watching the pros -- so you can imagine my delight when my wife, Carol Ann, surprised me for my birthday with a trip to watch the Ryder Cup in Glasgow, Scotland, in late September. What a memorable experience, one that's been on my bucket list for a long time. The only thing that... continue

October 06, 2014

Make a Commitment to Succeed

If you want to excel at anything in life, you need to be committed. If you only want to be good enough to get by, then a commitment to excellence is not necessary. If you are committed to a cause, you don't need to tell anyone. They can tell from your actions. I often wonder how people can be happy or... continue

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