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Georgie Anne Geyer by Georgie Anne Geyer

April 21, 2014

Journalists Have Become Bargaining Chips in Syria

WASHINGTON -- Since they first emerged as historic characters late in the 19th century, foreign correspondents have played a crucial and inimitably romantic role in journalism. Foreign correspondents were, until World War II, almost always men -- and adventurous, searching, tough-minded men who would... continue

April 17, 2014

Almanac of World Islamism May Lead to Better Understanding

WASHINGTON -- I was lovingly perusing my treasure of books the other day when I came across one I had totally forgotten that I possessed. It is an old book, with a crackled cover, a broken spine and beautifully drafted pages. It was filed correctly between "Russia" and "Central... continue

April 14, 2014

Return of Soviet Empire Is Putin's Pipedream

WASHINGTON -- Most Americans, supposing that they even live in a part of the country where they get foreign news, would now rather expectedly believe that Russia and Ukraine had broken out into the first phases of war. After the unprovoked attack by Moscow on Crimea -- "Surprise, surprise!... continue

April 03, 2014

Afghan Elections May Offer Hope for That Battered Land

WASHINGTON -- Since we moved, after 9/11, to take over Iraq and Afghanistan and anybody else who stood in our way, I have often had readers criticize me for my admittedly negative attitudes toward (1) the unnecessary wars themselves, and (2) the futility of expecting tribal peoples to embrace democracy. ... continue

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