Georgie Anne Geyer

Georgie Anne Geyer by Georgie Anne Geyer

July 28, 2014

Real Solutions Are Scarce in Border Debate

WASHINGTON -- In case you've wondered how those 57,000 Central American "youngsters" could creep across the American border without any of us seeing them on our own streets or downtowns, here are some of the answers our beleaguered government is giving us: -- Federal data now declares... continue

July 24, 2014

The Dutch and Russian Character Spring From Their Histories

WASHINGTON -- Last week, as the eyes of the world shuttled between the grievous scene of death in eastern Ukraine and the beautiful, moving funerals for some of the dead in the Netherlands, we were seeing far more than two vastly different ways of living -- and dying. We were seeing the confrontation... continue

July 21, 2014

History Repeats Itself in Russian Meddling

WASHINGTON -- The fear of a renascent Russia has only slightly died down since the heinous downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and analysts as well as journalists are still saying that we face another Cold War, if not a return to all-out fighting. We have seldom seen a more complex and confused... continue

July 17, 2014

Global Instability Haunts a Summer Idyll

ELKHORN, Wisconsin -- Every summer when I return to this beautiful state, I think of the smart-aleck old saying, "God made Wisconsin so Chicagoans could enjoy themselves." Certainly, we born-Chicagoans believe that; and it is as true this year. The Badger State is more agriculturally... continue

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