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August 25, 2014

Work of Foreign Correspondents Grows Ever More Dangerous

WASHINGTON -- With the farewell to journalist James Foley and the unexpected release of freelancer Peter Theo Curtis, the term "foreign correspondent" seems to have gained new importance. Yet with all the unspeakable danger these journalists have faced, one could think that nothing had changed since I... continue

August 14, 2014

Of Stupid Stuff and Principles

WASHINGTON -- Barack Obama's current catchy phrase is not exactly on a par with Winston Churchill's World War II "Stay calm and carry on." Nor is it comparable to FDR's "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Even Douglas MacArthur's "I shall... continue

August 11, 2014

Water Is an Old Weapon in Iraqi Desert Warfare

WASHINGTON -- The news last week that the Islamic State, the formidable terrorist group marching across northern Iraq sowing horror wherever it goes, has now almost certainly taken the huge Mosul Dam opens another chapter in that organization's dark story. It would seem obvious, at first, that such... continue

August 07, 2014

Women May Yet Rule the World

WASHINGTON -- The newspapers have been publishing sobering reminiscences of World War I, where the German word "Vaterland," meaning "fatherland," comes up often. It is not a word we focus on after the horrors of two world wars. But one could not help but notice during this... continue

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