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Georgie Anne Geyer by Georgie Anne Geyer

July 21, 2014

History Repeats Itself in Russian Meddling

WASHINGTON -- The fear of a renascent Russia has only slightly died down since the heinous downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and analysts as well as journalists are still saying that we face another Cold War, if not a return to all-out fighting. We have seldom seen a more complex and confused... continue

July 17, 2014

Global Instability Haunts a Summer Idyll

ELKHORN, Wisconsin -- Every summer when I return to this beautiful state, I think of the smart-aleck old saying, "God made Wisconsin so Chicagoans could enjoy themselves." Certainly, we born-Chicagoans believe that; and it is as true this year. The Badger State is more agriculturally... continue

July 14, 2014

Immigration Policy Makers Should Take a Page From History

WASHINGTON -- Many Americans seem to think it is a smart expository statement, one that typifies the national experience: "America is a nation of immigrants." It is almost always used as a reason -- or excuse? -- for trying to bring into the country more immigrants, far beyond the national... continue

July 11, 2014

Signs of a Turnaround in Russia-Ukraine Relations

WASHINGTON -- For the last three months -- the late winter and early spring of 2014 -- Ukraine has bounced between standoffs with irregular "Russian" fighters and all-out fighting in the eastern, pro-Russian part of the country. The money was on Vladimir Putin, he of the tight abs and the... continue

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