Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family by Jim Daly

October 26, 2014

Couple Drifts Apart After Cancer Diagnosis

Q: Last year while confronting cancer, I underwent a hysterectomy and had a breast removed. Since then, my husband has distanced himself emotionally and doesn't seem to care at all about sex. I'm devastated. Can you help me? Jim: I'm sorry to hear of the heartache you've had to... continue

October 19, 2014

Be Open With Son About Circumstances of Adoption

Q: We adopted our son at birth and have raised him in a loving home. Now that he's a teenager, he's obsessed with the fact that he's adopted. When he gets angry, he yells, "You aren't my real parents!" We are devastated because we love him so much and want him to know that this is his... continue

October 12, 2014

Son Needs to Be Pulled Away From Video Games

Q: Our teenage son is extremely intelligent. The problem is he only wants to play video games all day and night when he's home. It's a struggle to get him involved in any kind of physical activity or even just to read a book. How can I encourage him to do other things without completely taking his video... continue

October 05, 2014

Don't Be Impulsive When Choosing a New Career

Q: I feel like I've "run my course" at work. I'm considering changing careers, but I'm already 45. Should I just ride it out in my current job and wait for retirement? Jim: More and more, choosing a career is not a onetime event. It's a series of decisions we make as we... continue

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