Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family by Jim Daly

December 21, 2014

Some Holiday Tips on Modeling Selflessness to Children

Q: Last month your column discussed practicing self-denial with kids and offered ways to guard them from developing narcissistic tendencies. It was helpful advice, but I'd also like to encourage my kids to be more thoughtful and aware of the needs of others. Do you have any ideas how I can do this? ... continue

December 14, 2014

Keep Toys and Snacks Handy When Traveling With Toddlers

Q: We're traveling home for Christmas and this will be our 2-year-old daughter's first flight. I'm feeling stressed and anxious about it. Can you offer any advice? Jim: As a seasoned traveler, I have tremendous admiration for parents who navigate a cross-country flight with little ones.... continue

December 07, 2014

Tips on Helping Kids Learn About History

Q: Every now and then I'll see these "man on the street" interviews on television where people's ignorance of history is on display -- and it discourages me that our culture doesn't seem to value its importance. I'd like to cultivate a deeper interest with my own kids but don't know... continue

November 30, 2014

Set Limits to Stifle Kids' Narcissistic Behaviors

Question: I recently read that narcissistic behavior is on the rise, and this seems to confirm my own observations of a culture that seems to be increasingly selfish and entitled. I'm especially concerned about my children growing up with these influences. Is there anything I can do to prevent them from... continue

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