Henri de Marne provides expert advice three times a week on home improvements and repairs, from leaky roofs to waterlogged basements. Since 1982, readers have looked to this trusted professional for information on better, simpler, faster and more cost-efficient ways to fix up their homes.

About Henri de Marne

For 25 years, Henri de Marne was a building, remodeling and restoration contractor, owning and heading two construction and remodeling firms. Since retiring from active construction work, he devotes his time to writing about and consulting on all aspects of home repairs and remodeling.

In 2007, de Marne wrote a home improvement book, "About the House with Henri de Marne: How to Maintain, Repair, Upgrade and Enjoy Your Home." Previously, he wrote "Entering the Remodeling Field" for the National Association of Home Builders. De Marne also has written numerous articles on residential building construction for trade publications, and he was the senior consulting editor on "The New Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual" from Reader's Digest.

De Marne serves as a consultant on energy conservation and building systems to architects, homebuilders, homeowners and state officials. He received a National Energy Award from the U.S. Department of Energy for an innovative energy conservation system in home ventilation. He is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors and gives seminars on home maintenance and building techniques. De Marne lives in Vermont.