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January 29, 2015

Can the Republicans Govern Congress?

America is changing. The cultural changes -- gay marriage, legalized marijuana, etc. -- pervade America from New York City to Redlands, California. What is not pervasive is economic opportunity and a middle ground in politics. By 2050, European-Americans, or whites, will be the largest ethnic minority in a... continue

January 22, 2015

Obama Finds His Voice

Back in 1960, then-senator and future President John Kennedy gave a speech about the presidency at the National Press Club. He said: "Nor can we afford a chief executive who is praised primarily for what he did not do, the disasters he prevented, the bills he vetoed -- a president wishing his... continue

January 15, 2015

Congress Must Act on Terrorism

I was deeply moved when the French Parliament, after observing a minute of silence for those slain in the Charlie Hebdo attacks, spontaneously broke into singing France's national anthem. It was the first time that had happened since 1918. The Parliament immediately got down to work, and despite party... continue

January 08, 2015

The Way It (Still) Is

The 114th Congress convened this week with unified Republican control. Republicans broke the record of the 71st Congress (1929-30) by one seat, and will have 247 members in the House of Representatives. They now control 57 percent of the House and 54 percent of the Senate. The 2014 midterms saw the poorest... continue

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