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December 11, 2014

Regarding Cia Torture, Only the Truth Shall Make Us Free

In a March 2014 letter to CIA Director John Brennan, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) wrote, " ... on only his third day in office, President Obama issued Executive Order 13491 ending the use of abusive interrogation techniques. On Dec. 9, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), in a speech on the Senate floor on the newly... continue

December 04, 2014

What Will It Take to Rebuild Trust?

Civil rights leaders, led by Marc Morial of the National Urban League, met in New York City on Dec. 4 to discuss steps that should be taken to help rebuild trust between law enforcement officials and the citizens they are sworn to protect. The leaders promised to hold a march on Dec. 13 in Washington, D.C., followed by... continue

November 27, 2014

No Wasted Opportunity to Fight Hunger

A story from almost everyone's childhood involves being told they should finish eating all of their dinner. After all, the argument went, a child living in Somalia, Indonesia or even down in Honduras, is going without food as you sit there and waste yours. Today in America, parents don't have to... continue

November 20, 2014

We Can Fix Our Broken Immigration System

After months and months of delay, President Barack Obama has decided to issue an executive order of reforms to fix our broken immigration system. It's about time. It's been over 500 days since the U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill with strong bipartisan support. That bill... continue

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