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September 25, 2014

Reforming Our Party System

John Heaney was a political reporter for United Press when he was allowed to accompany the governor of Oklahoma, Raymond Gary, to a meeting with President Harry Truman. After small talk, Truman asked Gary if he remembered when Truman's campaign train had made a prolonged stop in Oklahoma City. Gary did... continue

September 18, 2014

An Epidemic Knows No Border

Nine years ago, my family was out on a limb -- or on rooftops. They were looking for someone to rescue them from the angry floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina. Day after day, I scoured the Internet. I called friends in Louisiana to ask if they were able to visit the local shelters, or to call the Red Cross. I... continue

September 11, 2014

Will Obama's Strategy Succeed?

On the eve of the 13th anniversary of the horrific attacks on U.S. soil, President Barack Obama outlined his administration's strategy to meet the challenge that ISIL (also known as ISIS) poses to the Middle East, our allies and our homeland. This is an evolving, morphing threat, which requires Obama to... continue

September 04, 2014

Can Obama Come Up With an Isis Strategy?

If we are going to have a meaningful, productive, national debate on what our foreign policy and reactions should be to ISIS, we need to have unbiased information. Right now, we simply are not getting it. Let's begin with what this organization actually is. ISIS stands roughly for the Islamic State of... continue

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