Dear Abby

Dear Abby by Abigail Van Buren

December 17, 2014

Internet Obsession Threatens to Consume Widower's Life

DEAR ABBY: I am a 58-year-old recent widower. My wife and I were very happy for 29 years, and that included a satisfying sex life. Although I am not ready to date yet, I continue to have a strong sex drive. I'm finding the Internet is a good alternative to "hooking up" at this time. However -- and... continue

December 16, 2014

Vigilant Mother Is Devastated by News of Son's Molestation

DEAR ABBY: I'm so upset. I just found out my son was molested by one of his older cousins. "Ryan" didn't want me to know because he was afraid of how I would react. Ryan is 19 and a very private person. I want to confront the person who did this to him and press charges. What's upsetting... continue

December 15, 2014

Marriage Idea Loses Its Luster After Plans Were Put on Hold

DEAR ABBY: Recently, our state became one that allows same-sex couples to wed. My partner, "Alex," and I have been together for 18 years. We had planned to be married last spring, but a death in the family put our wedding on hold. When I found out about the ruling, I expected Alex to be excited and... continue

December 14, 2014

Wife Is in a Pickle Packing Lunches for Choosy Husband

DEAR ABBY: My husband works, but I do not. I stay very busy, but he expects me to pack him a lunch every day. It must include a breakfast item and a lunch item, as he is starving by the time he arrives at work, even if he ate at home. My problem is, he has a huge list of "do not pack" preferences... continue

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