Dear Abby

Dear Abby by Abigail Van Buren

November 20, 2014

New Girlfriend Is Eager to Rid Garage of Ex-Girlfriend's Stuff

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend, "Ron," and I have been together for more than a year, and we now live together. His garage is full to overflowing with his ex-girlfriend's belongings. She apparently left him and all her stuff -- including her four cats -- to marry some guy she met online. She no longer lives in this... continue

November 19, 2014

Mom Wonders How to Deal With Children's Sexual Play

DEAR ABBY: Last weekend some family members were at my mom's house for a meal. My 6-year-old son and my cousin's 4-year-old daughter were playing in the room my mom had set up for the grandkids. When I went to check on them, I noticed the bathroom door was closed, so I knocked. My son answered, sounding... continue

November 18, 2014

Widow With Younger Lover Is Uneasy About Their Future

DEAR ABBY: I am a widow who has fallen in love with a wonderful man who is almost 30 years my junior. He proclaims his love for me every day, and I know it's real. I have been warned by others to be aware of "devious males on the make for comfortably situated widows." After discussing it with the man, I have... continue

November 17, 2014

New Mother's Baby Trumps Mother-in-Law's Wedding

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I are pregnant with our first child. We are beyond excited and can't wait for our little one to get here. Our problem: My mother-in-law is getting married two weeks after our baby is supposed to arrive, and she's expecting all of us to go. While I'm happy she has found... continue

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