Dear Abby

Dear Abby by Abigail Van Buren

September 22, 2014

News About Cheating Boyfriend Is an Unwelcome Revelation

DEAR ABBY: What are the ethics in outing a cheater? Someone I know has been cheated on by her boyfriend for two years -- about as long as she has been with him. I know this because the woman he has been cheating with is someone I know. Last week, I told the girl her boyfriend has been cheating. Now I am suddenly... continue

September 21, 2014

Partner's Sloppy Appearance Reflects Poorly on Business

DEAR ABBY: I co-own a professional service business with a woman whose appearance has deteriorated significantly over the last three or four years. "Mary" was never a fashion plate, but she used to be presentable for business. Four years ago, she put on quite a bit of weight. She refuses to buy new... continue

September 20, 2014

Independent Daughter Wants Less Help From Her Parents

DEAR ABBY: I graduated from college, and I'm starting my first full-time job and moving into my first apartment. I bought all the furniture for it, but needed help moving in. My parents decided to drive five hours to my new home to transport the furniture in a truck they rented -- without consulting me.... continue

September 19, 2014

Suspicions Confirmed: Proof of Infidelity Is Found Online

DEAR ABBY: I had suspicions my dad was cheating on my mom, and when she found a mysterious earring in the house one day, I knew I had to find the proof. I went into his iPad and checked his email/Facebook and IMs and found he apparently has a girlfriend. She works in his office and is also married with a family. ... continue

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