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As I See It by Cynthia Tucker

July 19, 2014

Rand Paul Faces Challenge in Opposing GOP War Hawks

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is a curious vehicle for reformation of the Republican Party. He's not a font of creative ideas; he's hobbled by intellectual contradictions; he's viewed skeptically by his party's establishment. Still, Paul brings a refreshing view of the limits of warfare to a GOP that has spent... continue

July 12, 2014

Legitimate Refugees Should Not Be Deported

The politics surrounding the surge of migrant children at our Southern border are predictable: Republicans blast President Obama; Obama asks Congress for more money to deal with the problem; immigration advocates insist on fewer deportations. But in the middle of that cliched drama are gut-wrenching stories... continue

July 05, 2014

Hobby Lobby Decision Is Not About Religious Freedom

Why are we still arguing over contraception? Of all the mind-blowing medical advances of the last 50 years -- in-utero surgery, genetic testing, face transplants -- why is it that the sale and use of convenient, reliable birth control pills and devices still sparks such controversy? The Supreme... continue

June 28, 2014

Common Sense Is One Protection Against Sexual Assault

No, this is not written in defense of Washington Post and Fox News pundit George Will, whose recent column on rape has drawn outrage and resulted in his ouster from the pages of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, where his syndicated musings had run for many years. Earlier this month, Will wrote, among other things, that... continue

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